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Whether you’re a parent of a young child grappling with behavioral problems, a teenager who’s falling behind academically, or a college student struggling with anxiety or depression, the last thing you want is to feel like “just another number/patient/family.”

You want to feel heard and as if someone is journeying along with you during trials. We believe in the healing power of connection and seek to meet children, young adults, and families where they are. 

We are solution-focused, meticulous & want to help you achieve your goals.

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Psychiatric Services 

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We want people and families to feel empowered as they learn strategies to take agency over their lives. Ultimately, we want to help children, young adults, and families achieve their version of optimal living. We want you to live your best life! 

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Dr. Prince enjoys working with families to improve family dynamics, and approaches care in a way that emphasizes how experiences over the lifespan integrate and affect the presentation of symptoms. Her interests also include addressing the stigma surrounding mental healthcare in underrepresented populations.

Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist

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We believe people deserve to feel seen, valued, and heard. Our approach, executed by a team committed to delivering quality mental health care, considers the total person and the biological, psychological, and social factors impacting them.

Through this approach, we seek to understand people in their dynamic context and treat them with respect. We believe in providing care in a space that fosters collaboration and appreciates the uniqueness of your life experience. 

Conscientiousness, compassion, advocacy & wellness. 

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